Selected Talks

Group Invariance, Stability to Deformations, and Complexity of Deep Convolutional Representations. Journées SMAI-MODE, Autrans, 2018.

Deep Convolutional Representations: Invariance, Stability, Signal Preservation, Model Complexity. NYU, 2017.

A Family of Stochastic Surrogate Optimization Algorithms. SIAM Optimization, Vancouver, 2017.

Stochastic Optimization with Variance Reduction for Infinite Datasets with Finite Sum Structure. MACARON workshop, Grenoble, 2017.

An Online EM Algorithm in Hidden (semi-)Markov Models for Audio Segmentation and Clustering. ICASSP, Brisbane, 2015.

Online Learning for Audio Clustering and Segmentation. IRCAM, Paris, 2014.